Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Future of Electronic Cigarettes

The Future of Electronic Cigarettes

 If you’re not aware of what electronic cigarettes are, they are alternative smoking devices that deliver a smoking experience just like the one you get with traditional cigarettes. While there are many similarities, such as the same look and feel of regular cigs, there are also many important differences between these two alternatives. The major difference between the two is that e cigarettes emit vapor instead of smoke. This alone creates several benefits, such as not having the awful cigarette odor that traditional cigarettes leave behind. For vapers, smelling like they smoked cigarettes all day is a thing of the past.

However, there are some obstacles that e cig users are currently facing that put the future of this incredible device in question. Of course, the electronic cigarette has been gaining momentous popularity over the recent years, but it’s still not enough. The biggest obstacle is that the majority of people don’t really know about what this device is or what it does. In fact, many people believe that it’s a traditional cigarette and produces smoke as well. As a result, local governments have been introducing strict forms of legislation that ban e cigs in the same way that traditional cigs are regulated.

So what can we do in order to create a better future for electronic cigarettes? The best way would be to spread awareness, even to non-smokers. Currently, there are many e cig manufacturers that sell millions of devices each year. Most of their advertising efforts focus solely on smokers, but it would also be a good idea to spread awareness to nonsmokers. A nonsmoker may confuse a vaper for smoking a regular cigarette, due to the fact that most of these devices look like regular cigarettes and because of the vapor’s similar appearance to smoke. Thus, it would be a good idea for manufacturers to get the word out about these devices and help nonsmokers recognize the difference.

Another good idea for awareness is to conduct more studies. Many municipal governments across the U.S. are banning these devices, saying that they don’t really know enough about electronic cigarettes. Well, if the regulators don’t know much about them, why can’t there be more studies? Clearly, these great little devices are already changing the world of smoking, but still have a lot of unlocked potential.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Study, Past Studies, and Where To Go From Here

The electronic cigarette world has been buzzing after a new study was recently published, reporting that e cigs have little effect on the heart. This is great news for e cig smokers and manufacturers, as users now have a little more justification for switching to these alternative smoking devices. On the other hand, the manufacturers now have a stronger push behind their products even though it’s not allowed to market these devices in the U.S. as more healthy or safer than traditional cigarettes.

In compliance with the FDA, e cigarettes must be marketed as smoking alternatives and not smoking cessation devices, because that would transform these products into pharmaceuticals. Thus, an ecig company cannot tell their clients that they could use these products in order to quit smoking or that they should switch to e cigs because they are safer than regular ones. On the other hand, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of consumers are switching over in order to stop smoking. If you look at a lot of customer reviews or if you browse through forum discussions, it will be pretty clear that the main objective for these people was to quit.

E Cigs And Their Impact On Heart Function

The new study has concluded that these devices do not seem to be negatively affecting the hearts of their users. While this is wonderful to hear, the researchers also acknowledged that this was a very small study and that larger ones need to be conducted in the near future.

Electronic Cigarettes and Their Impact On The Lungs

In another study, researchers found that e cigs have a negative short term effect on the lungs of its users, which helps confirm the fears of the governments who have been trying to ban these products along with traditional cigs. In this study, the researchers measured the airway resistance in individuals after having them use e cigarettes. They found that there was an immediate and higher airway resistance in individuals who had very healthy and normally healthy lungs.

These are great studies, for they are beginning to provide information about these products, which are becoming more and more popular each year. The next obvious step is to conduct studies and research on wider scale, which could provide definite answers and create a more informed consumer base.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Author Posts Or E Cigarette Reviews

Now Offering Free E Cig Guest Posts!

Hey everyone! So my last post talked about review sites that were not really seeking to promote every type of electronic cigarette brand possible. I believe that, for a review site to give the best information they can to their readers, should feature information about small and big brands, not just the most popular ones.

Anyway, I want to review e cigs so that people can have all the best possible information they can. To stay true to my word, I would like to open up my blog to everyone who has a review about a particular brand of electronic cigarette. So, you can be a smoker or an e vaper that has a review on a particular brand. I will also take guest posts from e cig companies that want to get the word out for their product.

Format of Your Post:

  •          No less than 400 words
  •          Correct grammar and punctuation (Not Spun)
  •          Only 1 Contextual Link (internal links not required)
  •          Every link will be given the “Nofollow” attribute
  •          Title should include name of brand or company
  •          Has to make sense and be readable
  •          No Pictures

Hope to hear from you all! You can email me at

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tired of “Real E Cig Reviews”?

Don't They Seem Desperate When They Say They Have “Real E Cig Reviews”?

So I’m fairly new to the world of electronic cigarette smoking, or e vaping, but it doesn’t take an expert to realize that most of the e cig review sites out there are not really objective as they claim. For various types of products, there are typically tons of real reviews out there by people who have actually tried them. These are honest reviews that actually help people decide what brands to pick. However, this isn’t usually the case with e cigs, as there are tons of review sites that only seem to have some of the top brands.

What's Wrong With E Cigarette Review Sites?

So, is it bad that they only have the top brands on these review sites? Well, yeah, I think so! I could be wrong, as it’s logical that most of these sites are going to want to review the e cigs that are most commonly found on the internet and at your local gas station or grocery store. However, when hundreds of these review sites each review the same brands, then it becomes a little suspicious. It’s like beating a dead horse, isn’t it? Why put up a review that another more popular review site already put up? Also, notice how these sites have links to the top brands, which of course drives traffic to these company websites.

What about the little brands? There are a bunch of unknown electronic cigarette brands that never get mentioned on these review sites. Why not bring a little variety to your site every once in a while to let users know that there are other options. Isn’t that what reviews are for? I would like to read a review that doesn’t actually try to sell me something. I want to read both the good and the bad about each brand, and I want to discover new brands that I’ve never read before. Another thing that you notice is how these review sites never really compare e cigs to one another. They can say something, like “Hey, E-Cig A is really good, but E Cig B does it better.”

Electronic Cigarette Forums:

So… what do we do? In my opinion, the best reviews to look at are those that can be found inside forums, such as A lot of these forums are moderated by actual users and are strict about companies that try to spam the hell out of them. For now, I think we have to rely on these little forums!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are E Cigs Better Than Traditional Cigarettes?

Do Electronic Cigarettes Offer Enhanced Smoking Experiences?

There is a new device that was specifically invented to make smoking a more enjoyable activity. To smoke, one has to have a cigarette lighter or a match, and you have to light up your cig in order for it to work. This new invention, the e cigarette, is a device that takes away the need for a match or lighter and brings the experience of smoking into the modern age. This incredible new device is electric and is fully powered by a battery, which brings the ultimate form of convenience for the smokers.

Because the e cig works with a battery, it means that you will never require a cigarette lighter or a match for this device to work. For it to work, you must simply inhale and the electronic cigarette will work instantly. The only thing you have to do is ensure that the device is properly charged, making this electric device very easy to operate. You will save money, even if it’s just a few quarters, by not having to regularly purchase lighters or matches. You will also save time by not having to stop by the convenience store every time you run out.

The fact that this device possesses a battery makes it infinitely better than its traditional counterpart, because it means that the user will not have to worry about purchasing matches or cigarette lighters to “light up” their e cig. The battery is the perfect feature for this type of device to have, particularly for people who care about the environment. There are no risks of lighting something on fire due to the fact that it’s not flammable. An additional benefit that e cig smokers enjoy is that the batteries are usually rechargeable, and they can be charged in different ways.

One way the device can be charged is with a car charger, which allows the user to charge their e cig when they are going out or during long car trips. Another way this device can be charged is by plugging it into the wall, just like you plug in most of your other electrical devices. The final way to charge is by connecting it to the computer through a USB cable. Clearly, this device is more convenient than a regular cigarette.